A downloadable game

BerkMUD is a MUD written from scratch in under 14 days for #MUDJAM. It is themed after "How to Train Your Dragon".

At the time of submission, completed features include:

  • Movement
  • Combat
  • Leveling
  • Equipment
  • Admin
    • Room creation

Intended features that set it apart from other MUDs:

  • Classless system similar to Skyrim
  • Fully developed pet system supporting
    • Combat
    • Leveling
    • Equipment

No commands are shorthand at the moment, accepted commands right now:

  • north, east, south, west, up, down
  • look
  • kill <thing here>

The blob won't come back to life atm but you can continue killing it. I'll be adding a "recall" command shortly to take you back to the entrance as there isn't much to see. I might open up room creation for people to play around with.